Feeding my inner child with lots of watermelon lately.


Travel diary

"...use this album to freeze all those memories of your best holidays. So you can return, whenever you like, to the greatest trip of your life, at least until your next adventure."* 

*(written on the back of the album)

A girl and her bed on Sundays are 
an endless love affair.


I  prefer a printed magazine over any online content whether it is fashion or any other field. But I do think that fashion magazines have not been as inspiring as they used to be years ago. It seems to me that lately the content (articles about diets, relationships, do's and don'ts, fashion faux's...) have been pretty much on "repeat". But every now and then I do stumble across one that I just can't leave on the shelf. This happen with Vogue Spain April 2015 with Chiara on the cover. It was the colour mix and the styling of the cover that already sold it to me and of course Gigi and Chiara's fashion editorials - both incredibly gorgeous. Let me add that I am not fluent in Spanish but that never stops me enjoying a magazine.